Why I Read In The Morning

I have a bucket list of habits I would like to create, but to be honest, I have a hard time making any new habit stick. Maybe it’s my personality, or a lack of commitment, or something else entirely, but habits are just not my thing. That being said, there is one habit I started back in October that has stuck: I read in the morning.

While I studied for the GRE, one of the recommendations I received to prepare for the verbal section was to read. A lot. Read anything and everything to expose myself to a wider vocabulary. Since I spent my evenings diligently studying my GRE Prep Book and taking practice quizzes or tests, the only time I truly had to read was in the morning.

Read In The Morning

It turns out, I love reading in the morning. Each morning I wake up, shower, grab my cup of coffee, then head right back to bed. I snuggle under the covers with Hoss (who is an excellent morning reading companion) and I pick up whichever book I’m currently in the middle of. I typically read anywhere from 10-30 minutes, depending on what time it is. Then I close my book and continue on with my morning.

One of the reasons I love to read in the morning is because it calms everything down. For me, the morning always seems to be GO! GO! GO! Instead of worrying about running late or what I need to do before heading out the door, I get a small pocket of time that is just for me, where I get to do something I love. Some people meditate, others work out, and some do their morning pages. For me, morning reading is now an integral part of my morning.

The other reason that reading in the morning has become such an indulgent treat is because Jason works the early morning shift. So, morning is really the only time I have to myself in the house. This is an adjustment from our normal schedule and it’s taking some getting used to. As an introvert who truly treasures quiet time to myself, reading in the morning is also an activity I can do just for me, that contributes to my well-being and overall happiness.

Morning Reading

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Besides starting my day off well, the other upside of beginning to read in the morning is I have increased the number of books I read overall. So far in 2017, I’ve finished 12 books and am in the middle of 3 of others. This is definitely ahead of how many books I finished as of this time of year in 2016! As someone who loves to track how many books I read and what those books are, this is a huge motivator to keep this habit up.

So this is my not-so-secret trick to starting off my day right and to read more. Even if reading may not be your go-to activity, I really recommend figuring out what you can do, even if just for 5 minutes, to start each day off in a positive and calming way.

Do you have any morning rituals that you must do each day?

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What’s Saving My Life Right Now

Today I’m sharing what’s saving my life right now. One of my favorite blogs is Modern Mrs. Darcy. I can’t explain how excited I was when I stumbled across a blog written by a fellow book lover last year. So when she posted what’s saving her life right now, I wanted to join in!

What’s Saving My Life Right Now

  1. Reading. It seems obvious given my interests, but January was an emotionally tolling month on myself and my family. Books have been such a great escape from life. I plowed through 9 books in January, which is unheard of for me, but that provided such a well-needed relief.
  2. My family. Jason and Hoss are my center. They provide my life with so much fullness, so much love, so much laughter, and just a little craziness. I love coming home to them everyday. They make my life better.
  3. Working out. I’ve recently gotten back to working out regularly. I’m doing the Master’s Hammer and Chisel workout plan. It’s tough and challenging, but I look forward to pushing myself to workout after work. It gives me 45 minutes to unwind and not think of anything else but what I’m being told to do. I feel better, physically and mentally, when I work out and I’m glad I was motivated to start again in January.
  4. Little bits of sunshine. This part of the year is rough. It’s cold (hello, Minnesota living) and cloudy and bleak. We’ve been blessed with a few instances of sunshine this week and I have relished those moments.

It’s usually the little things that save our lives. The small slices of everyday happiness that contribute overall to living a happier, more contented life. Here’s to February and getting a few steps closer to spring!

What’s saving your life right now?

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Grieving the Old, Welcoming the New

There is something quite freeing, yet terrifying about creating a new blog. Particularly in the first post; what do I write? How do I begin my introduction to this small corner of the internet? Luckily, this is not the first time I am doing this, but unfortunately, there’s no record of that.

From 2013-2016, I wrote a blog called Racing Bananas. Racing Bananas was a variety of things: a weight loss blog, evidence of my attempt to live a more healthy life, a document of how my life progressed and changed over a 3.5 year span. This blog was more than a blog to me; it became a visual and written expression of my life. I journal in real life, but through my blog, I discussed, tracked, and shared photographs that were also important to me. I also met some amazing internet-turned-real life friends through the blogging community.

During the summer of 2016, I decided I would switch my Racing Bananas hosting from Bluehost to our home server. As a result, I didn’t renew my contract with Bluehost. What I didn’t realize at this time is that if you do not renew your contract with Bluehost, you will lose your entire blog. I figured my blog would just “be out there.” I was wrong.

When I realized this and saw 3.5 years of work and documentation gone, I felt devastated. It may sound silly, but I felt as if I lost a part of me. I cried (ok, sobbed). It felt as if an entire portion of my life had disappeared.

I’ve come to terms with losing my Racing Bananas blog. I’m still bummed that I can’t refer to it. But there is a positive to losing everything. I thought long and hard about whether I wanted to start a new blog. Is it worth the time? Do I want to continue to share parts of my life on the internet? Ultimately (obviously) I decided yes. One thing I love about starting brand new, without a trace of Racing Bananas, is that I truly get a a fresh start. In the past, I had wanted to start a new blog but maintaining more than one blog was too much work. Now, I have a clean slate. My interests have changed and developed since 2013 and I have changed (hello, married with a dog, living in a different state). There is something exciting and hopeful about getting to start anew.

Thanks for stopping by! Leave me a comment saying hello and how you stumbled upon KimBocko.com.

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