7 Tips to Prepare For Your Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Hi friends! I am gearing up to start an Advocare 24 Day Challenge in the next few weeks. I’ve done four other 24 Day Challenges, and am looking forward to resetting myself, health-wise. As I begin to plan for my upcoming challenge, I wanted to share my 7 tips to prepare for your first Advocare 24 Day Challenge!

7 Tips to prepare for your Advocare 24 Day Challenge

7 Tips to Prepare For Your Advocare 24 Day Challenge

1. Get familiar with the 24 Day Challenge. This will be my third challenge, but my first time using the brand new Herbal Cleanse System. This means learning about the new and improved Cleanse Phase (which has some changes I’m looking forward to and will recap for you in the upcoming weeks!) and re-reading information on the Max Phase. I know I love the products, but I also know I like to be prepared and knowing what to expect. Knowledge is power and it will go a long way in setting up a successful 24DC!

2. Make a meal plan. In my experience, having a meal plan is key. Start by making a meal plan that outlines your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for the upcoming week. My meal planner outlines seven days, but really, planning five days at a time works best for me (how am I supposed to know what I’m going to want to eat in a week?!).  Before the 24DC starts, go to the grocery store and make sure you have the food you need on hand. It’s much easier to stay on track when you have the food you need to properly fuel you!

3. Say goodbye to processed foods. This is tough, I know. But you will have the best 24DC experience and results if you say buh-bye to processed foods. “Processed” means different things to different people and you can decide what it means to you. For me, ridding my diet of processed foods means incorporating as much fresh food as possible. I don’t eliminate ALL processed foods – I love having oatmeal during the Max Phase and will sometimes snack on Triscuits (there a few varieties with three or less ingredients), but for the most part, I try to stay as fresh as possible. 24 days is not forever – it is a totally reasonable amount of time to make changes (and to be honest, after 24 days, many of those processed foods don’t even taste as good as you remember!).

4. Make a fitness plan. You are getting ready to do the 24DC. You have made a meal plan and completed your grocery shopping. Now it’s time to think about fitness. Everyone is in different places and having a fitness plan doesn’t necessarily mean buying a gym membership and going nuts for 24 days. Instead, make a plan that works for you. Plan to walk 60 minutes each day, pop in a workout DVD or to try one new Pinterest circuit workout each day. Commit to movement – any movement! The 24DC is meant to help jumpstart a lifestyle change – making fitness a priority should be part of that change!

5. Don’t do it alone. I’ll be the first to admit it – doing the 24DC on your own is tough. My biggest challenge while on the 24DC (pun intended!), is that Jason doesn’t do it with me. He still refuses to give up his beer and coffee, despite my urging that it’s ONLY 24 days! It’s hard to make changes in your lifestyle when your partner or family isn’t behind you. But that doesn’t mean your alone! Find a friend or family member that wants to make the change with you. Or find a community – I’m part of a Facebook group with over 1,900 fellow challengers who always provide support and are willing to answer any questions you have. It’s great to have a community to go to!

5. Stay away from the scale. I know it’s tempting. It’s tempting for me! But the best way to get discouraged is to track your progress every day and feel like you’re not seeing the results you want as quickly as you want. The 24DC says it for a reason – weigh and measure yourself before your challenge, on Day 11, and Day 25. And remember – the scale is NOT everything! Make sure to take your measurements (I saw much bigger results with my measurements than with the scale, FYI!). And each body reacts to change differently, so remember that there are many ways to measure success that are not directly tied to the scale!

7 Tips to prepare for your Advocare 24 Day Challenge

6. Buy extra Spark! It took me maybe a week into my first 24DC to see I needed more Spark – and fast! Spark is delicious and provides the perfect amount of energy for during the day. Once you Spark, you really can’t stop! The #1 thing I hear from challengers is that there is not enough Spark to last through the entire 24DC. So make sure you have enough to get through the challenge – or buy a variety pack to figure out which flavor is your favorite!

7. Remember your “WHY.” Your “why” is the reason behind why you are doing the 24DC and it’s different for everyone. It might be because you want to lose weight. It might be that you’re ready to cut out sugar and processed foods. It might be because you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time! There are millions of reasons behind why you chose to do a 24 Day Challenge. Figure it out, write it down, and remember that why when it gets hard. When you want to reach for a cookie or have a drink or are feeling a little unmotivated. Remember what inspired you to make a change in the first place!

Phew! That ended up being longer than I expected, but these were all things I’ve thought about this week as I’ve gotten ready to start my 24 Day Challenge. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a full challenge (I did a mini-challenge this winter), but I am so ready to hit the reset button and start making progress towards my goals. I’m so excited and can’t wait to share my progress with you all!

Note: This post was originally posted on my original blog, Racing Bananas (which is no longer around). 

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Advocare Cleanse Phase Review

Note: This post is originally from Racing Bananas, my old blog. I’m bringing over to KimBocko to share my Advocare 24 Day Challenge Results, since I get so many inquiries about it!

I’m really excited to jump right in and share with my Cleanse Phase review of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge (24DC). The Cleanse Phase of the 24DC is the first 10 days. This part of the challenge is a cleanse, where you’re helping remove toxins from your body and getting set up for the second part of the 24DC, the Max Phase. When I think “cleanse,” I think of drinking liquids only and fasting. This was not the case at all! I ate three meals per day, plus two snacks and felt fantastic!

Advocare Cleanse Phase Review

Cleanse Phase Details:

Days 1-3:

  • Upon Rising: 1 serving Spark mixed with 20 oz of water + 2 Catalyst, wait 30 minutes
  • Fiber Drink mixed with 10 oz water + 2 more 16 oz glasses of water, wait 30 minutes
  • Breakfast + OmegaPlex pills
  • Morning Snack
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Dinner + OmegaPlex pills
  • Before Bed: Herbal Cleanse tablets

Days 4-7:

Days 8-10:

It sounds like a lot, but I really didn’t find it cumbersome. I made myself little ziploc bags with what I needed for each day and kept my checklist with me so I knew what I needed to take when. So onto what I thought about the Cleanse Phase…

Cleanse Phase Review:


  • I don’t constantly feel hungry. Especially since I kind of lost control over the past couple of months, I reached a point where I was always hungry and thinking about food. So far, I haven’t once experienced those “hunger pains.” I eat every 2-3 hours and feel satisfied.
  • Energy! After getting through the withdrawal stages, I found I had a ton of energy! I woke up earlier than usual and felt energetic all day. I hear that the Max Phase gives even more energy (which is true so far!), so I am accomplishing so much  more!
  • Spark! So this goes alone with energy, but OMG Spark! It’s a sugar free, 0 calorie drink that provides the same amount of caffeine as coffee. I love it! I love starting the day with it and to be honest, it makes me feel more energetic and less “weighed down” than coffee does. I actually think I’m going to keep up with Spark and cut out coffee after the 24DC is over (words I never thought I would say!).
  • I no longer feel bloated. Before the 24DC, I woke up every day feeling bloated and just, “large.” I haven’t had that bloated feeling since I started the 24DC! Instead I feel “light” and my stomach feels normal – not too full!
  • TMI Alert: I’m not gassy anymore! I’m a pretty gassy person, which can be a bit embarrassing. Seriously though, I think I farted less than 5 times (if that!) during the Cleanse Phase! Probably more than you wanted to know, but it’s true!
  • No migraines. I suffer from chronic migraines, which can be a bit debilitating at times. I experienced a few headaches, from what I assume were sugar and caffeine withdrawal, but not blinding migraines. That was an incredibly pleasant surprise!


  • Cravings and Self-Control! Giving up sugar and coffee cold turkey was hard. There were a couple of days where I just wanted to give in and binge – but I didn’t. Especially since last week was one of the most stressful weeks at work ever, all I wanted to do was sit at my desk and eat chocolate to help calm myself. But I stayed strong and am thankful I did, because my body feels amazing! For me, I had to ask myself if I was really  hungry or if I was experiencing a craving – every time, I wasn’t hungry. This is a change, but one that I’m going to have to keep employing in order to live a healthy life.
  • Cost. Yes, the 24DC is expensive – it was a chunk of money to put out without knowing how the challenge would go or if it would even work! However, I feel better and I’m spending less money on eating out, Starbucks, and junk foods like chocolate. Oh and no alcohol means no money spent on happy hour!
  • I did experience a bit of a breakout. I couldn’t figure out why, because I was eating healthier, however I found out online that breakouts can occur during cleanses because it’s your body’s way of releasing toxins. So that made sense. It’s already begun to clear up, which is also nice!
  • The Fiber drink. Ugh. Just ugh. This is literally the most disgusting thing I’ve ever drank in my life (ask Lindsay, I would text her in the morning about how I hated – #blends are the best!)! But I choked it down and you only have to drink it 6 times during the 24DC….

Progress so far:
Lost: 7lbs
Lost: 8.75 inches

To be honest, I was shocked when I got on the scale and measured myself after the Cleanse Phase. That’s a pretty hefty transformation to take place over 10 days, but when I think about it – I took on healthy eating habits and started incorporating exercise more regularly into my diet as well. So, these results aren’t as far fetched as they seem (and as an FYI – inches lost includes inches from different places on my body – shoulders, hips, waist, thigh, etc).

Overall, the 24DC has been an awesome experience so far. Today I’m on Day 14 of the 24DC (and 4 days in the Max Phase) and cannot believe how much energy I have. As someone who always feels a little tired, I feel like a brand new person. It’s great!

I’ll recap the Max Phase when the 24DC is over, but I can tell you that for me, I have found a system that is truly working. If anyone is thinking about Advocare and has any questions at all, let me know! I know I had tons of questions before I was ready to check it out (seriously!), so it’s nice to be able to chat with someone who has gone through the 24DC to hear their experience! I hope you find this Cleanse Phase review helpful!

Your Turn!

  • Ever done the Advocare 24DC? How did it go?
  • Interested in learning more about it? Let me know!

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