About Kim

Greetings and Welcome!

I’m Kim, a 30-something living in central Minnesota, by way of Wisconsin. I’m an avid book lover, coffee aficionado, TV binger, higher ed professional, soon-to-be student pursuing her Ph.D., wife, and fur mama.

That’s the short version.

Kim Bocko

I started blogging in 2013, on a website called Racing Bananas. For 3.5 years, I blogged about weight loss and healthy living. I documented what I was eating and my workouts, my struggles and my successes. Unfortunately, it’s existence has been wiped clean from the internet, due to my negligence and not understanding internet-y things. Lesson learned.

After much thought, I decided to launch a new blog: Kim Bocko (a version of my IRL name). My goal on Kim Bocko is to blog about my interests and my life more broadly. I still an interested in healthy living, but I also am obsessed with reading, love to be outdoors, and spend time with my family. I also have been accepted to begin my Ph.D. in Fall  2017 and want to be able to share my experience as I return to school and work full-time (and try to survive).

Meet the Bock Family

My family

So, this little space of the internet will be a mixture of topics. I suppose you could lump me into the “lifestyle blog” genre, but really I don’t want to fit into a mold. I want to be able to share my experiences and thoughts as I see fit and hope to get to know you all better along the way!


  • Reading, obvs!
  • Invading my dog’s personal space and giving him kisses
  • Going on adventures with my husband
  • Asking Alexa ridiculous questions and getting frustrated when she doesn’t answer them correctly
  • Wine and pizza
  • Podcasts (especially The Popcast and What Should I Read Next)


  • Sub-zero temperatures
  • IPAs


  • Making up song lyrics about my dog (yeah, I’m a nut)
  • Beating the original NES Mario Brothers in one turn #skills

Can be found:

  • At home, snuggled in a giant purple blanket, reading
  • At the kitchen table, surfing the internet, sipping wine or LaCroix
  • Outside, enjoying Minnesota
  • In the car, commuting daily