What I’m Reading Lately 9.17.18

It’s been a hot minute since I shared some of the books I’ve read and loved. My book journal where I track my reads is currently packed somewhere (booo!) but I think I’ve read close to 40 books so far. Definitely not on track with my usual pace, but that’s ok! Here are some of my favorites I’ve been reading lately.


Eleanor Oliphant Is Totally Fine

I listened to this audiobook, which I highly recommend. I enjoyed the story, centered on a woman, Eleanor, who has experienced a trauma in her past and is not entirely self-aware enough to fully understand the world around her. I enjoyed the story and watching the evolution of Eleanor as she learns about friendship, love, and taking ownership over her own life.

Little Fires Everywhere 

I hated (ok, really didn’t like) Celeste Ng’s first book, Everything I Never Told You. I loved Little Fires Everywhere. The story is centered in a community called Shaker Heights, and examines what happens when a poor girl and a rich boy become friends and how the difference in backgrounds impacts their friendship and their families. Plus, there’s a mystery fire and you need to figure out who set it.

The Things We Wish Were True

I listened to this book for free after accidentally buying a month of Kindle Unlimited (whoops!). I full on loved it. The story takes place in a southern town, and follows a handful of characters who are brought together after an almost-tragedy at the local pool. I love novels that have multiple perspectives and follow multiple characters, so this was right up my alley!

The Alice Network

I full-on resisted reading this book because it was everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Sometimes I don’t love reading books that everyone is reading. But, I gave in and got The Alice Network on Audible. I loved it. Historical fiction, told through two perspectives – Eve during World War I as a spy, and Charlie who is trying to find her cousin who disappeared during World War II. It’s a mix of mystery, suspense, and friendship. Loved it!

Into the Water

I just finished Into the Water yesterday. I was looking for an easy, suspense read after finishing Year of Yes. This wasn’t an easy read (lots of perspectives) but it was a mystery that kept me guessing until about 75% of the way through.



This book has gotten mad buzz this year and for good reason. In short, it’s the story of a family living in Idaho and how the father’s increasingly radical point of view pulls his children from going to school formally and instead keeps them at the family home, working and practicing Mormanism. Despite the odds (not having formal schooling, an abusive family member, a dangerous living situation), Tara ends up not only going to college, but earning her Ph.D. Must read.

The Sound of Gravel

This book was very similar to Educated. It’s a coming of age story about a girl growing up in an unstable family environment, consistently moving between Mexico and Texas, trying to make ends meet. Ruth is one of many siblings, and takes care of her siblings, her mother, and herself.

The Glass Castle

Book #3 in the dysfunctional family memoir. I would call this one of the original dysfunctional family memoirs. This is definitely a genre I love – I think its interesting to delve in to someone else’s reality and learn about what their life is like. I really enjoyed the book and want to watch the movie next.

The Year of Yes

I am a full-on, crazy Grey’s Anatomy fan. I liked Scandal, but I loved Grey’s. I wasn’t sure how I would like Shonda Rhime’s book, but it turned out I loved it. Shonda Rhimes talks all about how she had it all (on the outside) but actually, she was turning down every opportunity to get involved in her own life. She decided, after a conversation with her sister, to say yes to every opportunity that came her way. And what happened was she forced herself out of her comfort zone and grew

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