1. I felt much like you as I finished Exit West, but then the story just wouldn’t leave me. I think I liked it more after a little time had passed. Thanks for sharing your list. I’m adding Pachinko to my audiobook wish list.

  2. I felt similarly about Exit West… I think because I went in with such high expectations as well. And I was on the fence about whether or not to read Pachinko, but you’ve convinced me to add it to my TBR stack!

    • I loved Pachinko. Don’t go in with too high of expectations – it does take a little bit to get the story going (in my opinion) but I did love it. If you read Exit West, let me know! I need someone to talk about it with!

  3. Pachinko sounds great. And what a beautiful cover!

    Great reviews. I’m going back and forth on Exit West–mixed feelings all around, it seems.

    • I will say, I have found myself thinking about Exit West. It might be a good book club read, to have a group to really dig in to it with. I still have mixed feelings about it, though!

  4. I own Exit West but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. It’s got a super interesting premise, but it looks a bit heavy and I hear mixed reviews so I’m putting it off!

    • I got Exit West as a Book of the Month pick and it took me a few months to pick it up. Maybe it’s more of a fall/winter read? It is definitely on the heavier side, and (to me) seemed intentionally slow. I’d be curious your thoughts on it if you do decide to pick it up this summer!

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