Meet The Family!

Once upon a time, in a city far away…

Just kidding.

Since we’re getting to know each other around here, I wanted to take time to introduce you to my family.

Meet the Bock Family

The bearded one is Jason, my husband. The furry one is Hoss, our pup. We’re a family of three, right now.

Jason and I met a few years ago when we were both living in Madison, WI, our home state. After a whirlwind few months of falling in love, we were somehow picking up our lives and moving to Minnesota to start an adventure together. Jason started grad school, I began a new job, and a month later we were engaged. Phew!

Kim and Jason Wedding Pictures

A year later, on October 10, 2015, we got married in Milwaukee. It was the best day and I’ll spend a whole post remembering it soon. A week after we were married, we adopted Hoss from the human society. Our buddy completed our family, but also put us through a whole lotta hell as we all got acclimated to our new lives.

Sleepy Hoss dog

That’s the past three years in a nutshell!

This past fall, Jason and I bought a house just outside of the Twin Cities metro area. We have a big yard for Hoss to play in, a nice patio for when it (hopefully!) gets warm out, and a place that we can call our own. We miss being so close to family, who still live in Milwaukee (about 6 hours away), but we also like the home we’re building here in Minnesota.

So that’s a ridiculously brief introduction to my family. You’ll be seeing Jason and Hoss around here from time to time, so I wanted to make sure you had a proper introduction.

Where are you from?

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  1. Hoss is so sweet, aww! I am wondering if it is ever going to get warm, today is the first day of spring and it is 45°. Oh i would love a patio! It is nice t meet you & the family.

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